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by Shackled Mule

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Shackled Mule is a project that I started working on whilst I was making 'If Nobody Listens, the Truth Comes Out'.

I'd been listening to a lot of my old records; stuff like Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Black Flag, The Cramps and The Gun Club, and I began to miss my youth and the music I loved as a young man. In a futile attempt to try to revisit those long-lost days, I decided to write some punk rock songs. I believed that by doing this, I would miraculously become seventeen years old again.

Rather alarmingly I haven't succeeded in turning back the hands of time or rejuvenating my somewhat decrepit body, nor have I succeeded entirely with my attempt to make a punk rock album.

What happened instead was that I grew older and made an album of rockabilly, blues and country songs. Business as usual, you might say. The difference this time is that I've thrown speed and volume into the mix and tried to rediscover my garage-band roots. I thoroughly enjoyed writing and recording these tracks. It was a lot of fun cranking up the dials and letting loose a little. If you enjoy them half as much as I do, I enjoy them twice as much as you.

I haven't put this album out under my own name simply because I view it as something separate from my solo work, and I wanted to distinguish it from my previous albums. I know that some listeners who enjoy my music may not be too partial to Shackled Mule, and I'd hate to upset anybody.

I don't expect this album to change the world, but I hope it might get a few feet tapping. I'd like to hear your feedback. Leave a comment on my Facebook page: or Tweet me:

Each track has its own individual artwork, which was also a labour of love. Thanks for listening.

Until next time



released November 5, 2012

All songs performed by Shackled Mule.
All songs written by Simon Lister.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Simon Lister.
Recorded and mixed at Attic Studios in May of 2013.
Cover art and song art by Simon Lister.
Coffee made by Simon Lister.



all rights reserved


Shackled Mule Halifax, UK

Simon Lister is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

He is a previous member of 'The Climb House' and 'Dead Clowns'. He is currently every member of the bands 'Shackled Mule' and 'Skinwall'. He also records under his own name.

He is fond of vintage hats, fresh coffee and cats with personality.

He is suspicious of anything popular and believes that life looks better with dirt on the lens.
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